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Where the Championship is played

Originally the promotion committee wanted the Championship to be played in the same four places (Bozen, Meran, Brixen and Rovereto) as the 1987 World Championship. In agreement with the EHF, however, it was decided that the European Championship was to be played only in two venues just as in the previous two Championships in Portugal in 1994 and in Spain in 1996.

Thus the games will take place in the ice rink of Bozen/Bolzano (7,200 seats) and in the new ice rink of Meran/Merano (approx. 4,000 seats). The one in Bozen passed its test with flying colours at the Ice Hockey World Championship in 1994. The coming European Handball Championship will be the first great sporting event in the new sports hall in Meran.

Brixen and Rovereto will nevertheless be integrated in the organization of the European Championship. During the events, an international symposium for coaches will be held in Brixen/Bressanone and some preparation games of the participating teams will certainly be played in the sports hall in Brixen.

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